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Book Your Retreat

The facilities will be rented per weekend as a self-serve retreat.  Pricing is not based on the number of guests, it is based on the number of days you stay.   There is a 4 person limit since there are 4 beds and 4 sewing stations.  However, if you get prior approval, we can extend the number of guests to 6 total.  


The 3 bedroom/2 bath home and quilting cottage are situated on over 5 acres.  The property is available for rent as follows:

Thursday Noon until Sunday Noon for $600 + 6.75% tax 

(If you split the cost 4 ways, the cost is $150 + tax per person for the weekend or $50 + tax per night per person)


Friday Noon until Sunday Noon for $400 + 6.75% tax

(If you split the cost 4 ways, that is $100 + tax per person for the weekend or $50 + tax per night per person)


A security deposit of $250 dollars is due to secure your reservation.  The security deposit will not be applied to the remaining amount due.  It will then be held as a damage deposit and will be returned after it is assessed that there are no damages to the property.  Usually, the same day you leave the property. 


If it is determined that someone was smoking, vaping, lit open-flame candles, used incense, burns, or any strong odor inside either building, the damage deposit will be forfeited towards repairs.  

Cancellation Policy

Due to limited rooms available, we are not ADA compliant.  There are a small number of steps to get in and out of the cabin and to get in and out of the quilting cottage.  Fire alarms do have lights for the hearing impaired.  Door handles have levers to aid those who have wrist or grip issues.  If you have a concern or a question about whether the facilities can accommodate your needs, please ask.

If you cancel 2 weeks or more before your event, there is no cancellation fee and your security deposit will be refunded

If you need to cancel your reservation 13 days or less prior to your stay, the security deposit will be forfeited.

If you are celebrating a special occasion, please let me in on the secret!  I would be happy to assist you in making your stay extra special.

To reserve your retreat date:

Call Lori at 940-210-3919

Once I receive your security deposit, Your reservation will be put on the calendar.

One month prior to your retreat date, I will email an invoice to your event coordinator using Square.

Payment for the retreat will need to be paid in full 14 days prior to your event using Credit, Cash, or Check.

If Payment is not received, your event will be removed from the calendar and the security deposit will be returned.

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