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Fabric Swap - February 25th 12:00 - 4:00
at the Quilt-n-Cabin Retreat

658 School Oaks Road in Alvord, Texas
(It's 1.5 miles to the end of the street.  Retreat is on the right side with a sign.)

Lunch will be provided by S&T Cafe and Grill

Finger sandwhiches

Sweets and Treats

The first 15 participants will receive a tote stuffed with quilting goodies.  A retail value of $75!


How it works:

There are no admission fees.  Just an excuse to have some fun with quilting friends from around the area.  Bring pre-sorted fabrics according to the chart below.  You will be given a number of tickets according to the amount of fabric you bring.  Once we have the fabric sorted, the swap will begin.  You can 'shop' for other fabrics using your tickets.  This will help verify that everyone gets a chance to go home with the same amount of fabric they came with.  In order to keep things simple, the swap will not consider the value of a print vs solid, or Batik vs print.  It's only based on the amount of fabric you offer.

It's possible that some fabrics could be leftover.  If your fabric happens to be leftover, you can reclaim it.  Otherwise, it will be donated to the First Baptist Church of Alvord's quilting group.

This is intended to be primarily a fabric swap.  However, if you have rulers or other notions you no longer use, bring them with you.  I will provide a table where you can offer to sell your items.  Items you bring for the sale table will be your responsibility.

1 yard = 4 Tickets

1 fat quarter = 1 Tickets

Three 2.5" strips = 1 Tickets

(You can get fourteen strips out of one yard of fabric)

Fifteen 5" squares = 1 Tickets

(You can get sixty squares out of one yard of fabric)

Four 10" squares = 1 Tickets

(You can get twelve squares out of one yard of fabric)

This is my first time to host a fabric swap.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please give me a call.  Tell your friends!  The more people we have, the more fabric options there will be.  Not to mention that it's fun to meet people who have the same love for quilting!  

More totes in the making...  Which one will be yours? 

Be sure to be one of the first 15 people to arrive in order to get a tote!

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