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Frequently Asked Questions for the Retreat
  • Do you have food available?
    No. It will be your responsibility to bring what you need or want. There is a full size kitchen complete with a refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher. The kitchen will be stocked with pots, pans, plates, utensils and silverware for your use. There will be a crock pot, microwave, and a Kuerig for coffee. This helps keep the prices down, and those who have special food needs can make certain they have what they require. Even though we are small town, USA, the grocery store carries select choices of meats and cheeses from the famous markets of Muenster, TX.
  • Should I bring my own sewing machine?
    Preferably not. You can at your own risk. This is a self serve retreat, so there won't be anyone to help you move it to the Quilter's Cottage. Keep in mind that there is no direct access to the Quilter's Cottage from the parking area. I'm excited to announce that we do have the Janome Skyline 5 machines available for your use at no extra cost. They have several features such as: Start/stop buttons Auto-thread cutters Clear view of the bobbin case from the top Automatic-tensioning A knee lifter to raise and lower the presser foot You can even lower the feed dogs in the event you want to use the free-motion foot to do your own quilting There is a walking foot available 170 Built in stitches including the blanket stitch These machines are easy to use and have many more features than listed above.
  • Should I bring my own iron?
    Preferably not. Each sewing station is equipped with a Sunbeam cordless/corded iron. If you like the freedom of a cordless iron, keep it cordless. If you prefer the constant heat a cord provides, simply lock the base to the iron. It really is the best of both worlds! Did I mention that you dont have to share? A wool felted ironing mat and ironing table is also included as part of your sewing station. In the middle of the room will be a large table with a 400 hole Rowenta iron. Bottles of Mary Ellen's Best Press are available for sale.
  • Do I need to bring sewing notions?
    Yes. Bring what you usually use. A few items are available for sale in the event you forget something. The closest quilt store is 50 - 70 miles away. Here are some items you might need: Seam-ripper Pins Thread Scissors to cut fabric Embroidery scissors for loose threads Rotary cutting tool and extra blades Fabric for your project Fusible Webbing Quilt Pattern Quilting Rulers and Templates Clearly perfect or tube cutting Templates Please keep in mind that Quilter's tend to think alike. Put your name on your rulers or other items if you feel they could get mixed up. In addition to your sewing table and ironing table, you will have a set of three drawers you can use to store batting, fabric, or other items you may not need at the moment. With a little courtesy and respect, I think each person will have plenty of room to keep track of things.
  • Are there classes or extra activities?
    Upon Request At this time, classes are not automatically part of the retreat. You rent the property to do what you want to do. If you would like to have a class on a particular topic, such as color theory, applique, sewing curves, or anything that piques your interest, just let me know. With enough notice, I can arrange someone for you. Since you are with your closest quilting friends instead of being in a large group of people, extra activities are not planned. However, there are several wineries close by that are fun to visit. With a little notice, we can even plan to drive you around. Bowie and Decatur both offer several shops. We will be in touch with local vendors and make certain you know what is available in the area.
  • How many people per room?
    One or's up to you. There are two bedrooms with one queen size bed each. That's right! You can get your own room. Privacy at last! These bedrooms share a full bathroom that includes a tub/shower. The master bedroom has two queen size beds and has access to a full bathroom that includes a tub/shower. The toilet has its own area with a door for extra privacy. The cabin is best suited for 4 adults. If you really want to bring someone else, maximum occupancy is 6 adults. Please let me know if you need accomodations (Towels, ect.) for extra people before your stay.
  • What about Soap, Toothpaste, and Hair Dryers?"
    We gotcha covered. It will be anyone's guess what brand, how much, or what flavor, but you will have a little bag of goodies for your stay. If you are allergic or sensitive, it might be a good idea to bring your own.
  • Suggestions...
    This is your chance to relax. Bring comfy clothes and shoes. You might even want to keep some slippers in the Quilter's Cottage. I think you will like the acommodations we have, so bringing extra items shouldn't be necessary.
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