Add Extra Fabric to Fit Longarm

I do require that the backing is 6" longer on the top and bottom and 4" wider on each side.  This allows the longarm to manuever around your quilt and sew to the edges of your quilt top.  


Perhaps you just finished a long time UFO (UnFinished Object) or you simply didn't purchase enough backing fabric that allows me to put your quilt on the longarm.


I get it and not to worry.  This add-on option is for you.  I will sew muslin to the top/bottom and each side of your backing fabric, so I can get it on the frame.  The price is for labor only.  I will keep the muslin when I trim your quilt, so I can reuse it for the next customer.  By repurposing the muslin, I can reduce the cost to you (no extra fabric fee).  Since I am not charging for the fabric, this is a flat fee service and does not change with the size of your quilt.


You may find that buying extra fabric for the backing isn't necessary or cost effective.  Whatever, the reason, I gotcha covered.

Add Extra Fabric to Fit Longarm