Jungle Fever

The $40 price is for a deposit only.  You will have a place to type in the width and length of your quilt.   There is a 2.5 cent price per square inch.   I will send a separate invoice for the remaining amount due.  Remember to use the add-on options at the top of the store to customize the services for your quilt.  If you have more than one quilt, please create an order for each quilt separately.



When I attach your quilt to the frame on the longarm, I need extra room to manuever the longarm so that the quilting pattern can reach the edges of your quilt. This means that the backing material needs to be 8" wider and 12" longer than your quilt top. This may seem like a lot. Please keep in mind that it is an extra 4" on each side and 6" each for the top and bottom which is consistent with other longarm vendors. I am careful not to waste extra material needed for this purpose. While some of it will contain your quilt pattern, there should be enough left over to create binding or to be used in another project.


If you need to sew your backing fabric together to get the overall width and length required, it is preferable to have horizontal seams. A horizontal seam will span across the quilt frame where a vertical seam may create extra bulk. I realize this isn't always practical. Vertical seams are fine, horizontal seams are better.  If you need some help getting the backing prepared, select the add-on option you need at the top of the store.


My Pledge to You

I take the greatest of care with each quilt to assure it is quilted properly and according to your every instruction. Even so, there is a chance the pattern may look different than you pictured, the thread color may not be as you saw on your phone, borders may not be as flat as you like, or the quilt may not be perfectly square. I cannot be held responsible for presenting your quilt differently than you had imagined it to be. Even though the longarm is computer guided, it is ultimately up to me to quilt it as you asked. I cannot guarantee perfection and mistakes will happen on occasion. If it happens on your quilt, I will do whatever I can to make it right. I have received training directly from Handi Quilter Educators who have given me an in-depth knowledge of their products and the skills necessary to provide superior service. When you agree to give your quilt to Quilt-n-Cabin, it will be quilted by me personally, Lori Masterman, the owner.

Jungle Fever

    • Pin a note to your quilt top and to the backing that indicates how they should be sewn together .  Some fabric is directional, but I may not immediately know which direction you want it to be quilted together.
    • Please do not pin or baste your layers together.
    • Add your contact information such as phone, text, or email.  Also let me know if there are better times to reach you and how you prefer to be contacted.  ie:  text during 8-5 and call 5-9pm  
    • If you have a name for your quilt, I would love to know what it is!
    • Get a tracking number!  It's amazing how many times I have been able to get a lost package with a tracking number.  It works.
    • Get insurance.  The amount is up to you.  USPS includes a certain amount with a tracking number and I imagine other carriers do too.
    • Put the quilt in a water resistant bag.  I know it's better to let it breathe, but we don't want it to get stained by oil, dirt, or sticky stuff from a neighboring package.   
    • Seal all the edges with tape.  It won't necessarily help if there is a spill on your package, but I have had USPS tell me it's recommended.