Specialty Threads

Let the fun begin!  All of the following threads are the same price.  


Metallic (Gold, Silver, Emerald Green, Rose Red, and Red)

Monofilament in Clear (light fabrics) and Smoke (dark fabrics)

Variegated Polyester  (Special Order - not in stock)

Glow-in-the-Dark (Green - In stock  Other colors are special order)


Sometimes there is a quilt project that just demands a little extra.  Specialty threads provide several options for highlighting a solid fabric (I used a red metallic for the poinsettia), or for creating texture without thread painting (I used a Monofilament/Clear for the Dresden Turkey).  Sorry the little guy has no eyes in this picture.  He gets to see later. :)


Especially when the project is smaller (the above pictures were made into pillows), it's cost effective to splurge on thread.  Imagine pillow cases with Glow-in-the-Dark thread, or quilting a Fall or Christmas panel in metallic, or a Thanksgiving quilt in variegated thread. 


If you choose to select the add-on for Thread Changes-Labor, you will only be charged for the Specialty Thread once, even if you choose more than one type/color.  For instance, you could use metallic on one row and variegated on another.  There would only be one charge for the specialty thread.  Reminder - Solid colors in Polyester (low sheen or high sheen) are included in your base price.     


**Keep in mind that I do not have all of these threads in stock.  There could be a shipping delay from the manufacture.  Please ask me if you are on a timeline.


***I would not suggest any of these threads for a large project or one that would be washed frequently.  Variegated thread would be fine with large projects and frequent washings. 


Keep in mind that the Glow-in-the-Dark thread cannot be washed with Bleach.  The Monofilament thread is as fine as my hair.  It will take a washing, but I wouldn't expect it to last with frequent washings (This is my opinion.  It might be just fine.)  Metallic is washable, but I would treat it with extra care. 









Specialty Threads