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Retreat Policies

Cancellation Policy and Damage Deposit

Due to limited rooms available, we are not ADA compliant.  There are a small number of steps to get in and out of the cabin and to get in and out of the quilting cottage.  Fire alarms do have lights for the hearing impaired.  Door handles have levers to aid those who have wrist or grip issues.  If you have a concern or a question about whether the facilities can accommodate your needs, please ask.

We are in the country which means that while there are paved roads to the property, the driveway is gravel.  If you plan to stash your sewing gear in your Ferrari or ride your motorcycle, please keep this in mind.  ; )  Likewise, the walking paths on the property are not paved.  

If you need to cancel your reservation more than 2 weeks prior to your event, there is no cancellation fee and your security deposit will be refunded.

If you need to cancel your reservation 13 days or less prior to your stay, the security deposit will be added to your Cabin Cash account for 90 days.  The Cabin Cash from your initial security deposit can be used for a new reservation, in the online shop, or for longarm services.  If any remaining balance of the Cabin Cash is not used within 90 days, it will be surrendered as payment for the cancellation fee.  It is not Quilt-n-Cabin's responsibility to remind you when the balance is due to expire.

Once you arrive for your retreat, your security deposit becomes the damage deposit. It will be held until it is determined that there were no damages to the property during your stay.  If there are no damages, it will be returned within 48 hours of your check-out time. If your deposit cannot be returned within 48 hours due to unforeseen circumstances, Quilt-n-Cabin will contact the retreat coordinator, who is the person that paid for the security deposit, to determine an alternate method for returning your deposit.


The damage deposit will be surrendered in full if there is evidence of open-flame candles, smoking, vaping, incense, burns, odors, etc. in either building.

If there are damages or missing items, it will be brought to the attention of the retreat coordinator, who is the person that paid for the security deposit, within 48 hours after check-out time.  It is the responsibility of Quilt-n-Cabin to provide burden of proof that damages or missing items occurred during your stay.  It is the responsibility of the retreat coordinator to assist in returning missing items or paying for damages.




House Rules

Even though the cabin is rented per weekend, the number of occupants will not exceed 4 adults.  On occasion, the number of guests can be increased up to 6 adults with prior approval.  Please arrange this prior to your stay, so I can provide extra towels.  

If guests visit the property, it is the retreat coordinator that will be responsible to ensure they adhere to all policies.

No Children.

No Pets.

No Smoking.  No Candles.  No Vaping. No Incense.  If it is determined that there was smoke or burns, you surrender your damage deposit.

The owner reserves the right to evict any member of the group or the group entirely if there is suspicion of illegal or unruly behavior.  

If there are damages to the property, the damage deposit can be surrendered in its entirety as well as other compensation for repairs.

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